Since 1999

Design APIs

At the most complex levels of CSS development, front end software is developed by assembling reusable components, or design patterns. These are different than the design patterns created by the Gang of Four. Rather, they are agreed upon User Interface building blocks that have been agreed upon by both design and engineering teams. At Grubhub, we create these patterns as bundles of CSS code that can then be easily exported and attached to HTML for assembly on external client apps.

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Styleguide Driven Development

Refactoring is a chore. We all know that. Most people don’t like to refactor code, especially CSS, because the amount of gain vs. the amount of effort is minimal.

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Making Your Code Standard

While I was just a student at University of Maryland, I learned early on that there were wildly different ways to code the same solution. The difference between good code and bad code wasn’t just achieving the desired output, but moreso a matter of style, eg. - things like elegance, simplicity, verboseness, and usability.

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Wrangling Your CSS Into Submission

Do you work on an enterprise system? Do you have a single page web app? Did you just go through a major redesign? Does re-styling a seemingly harmless little element tend to break other elements? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this post is probably for you.

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