Snail is a UX Engineer in NYC.

Styleguide Driven Development

Refactoring is a chore. We all know that. Most people don’t like to refactor code, especially CSS, because the amount of gain vs. the amount of effort is minimal. »

Making Your Code Standard

While I was just a student at University of Maryland, I learned early on that there were wildly different ways to code the same solution. The difference between good code and bad code wasn’t just achieving the desired output, but moreso a matter of style, eg. - things like elegance, simplicity, verboseness, and usability. »

Wrangling Your CSS Into Submission

Do you work on an enterprise system? Do you have a single page web app? Did you just go through a major redesign? Does re-styling a seemingly harmless little element tend to break other elements? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this post is probably for you. »